Rana Plaza

On April 24th 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Savar, near Dhaka, in Bangladesh collapsed. The building had several factories which manufactured garments for around 28 brands. One of these factories was supplying Primark. Our thoughts remain with the victims of this disaster, and their families.

Primark has worked with local partners in Bangladesh, to give short-term financial support and food aid to the victims and their families. We have also devised an approach to long-term compensation and been making payments over the last year. We would like to thank our partners for all their expertise and commitment in helping us to develop and deliver this programme. We have also been part of the industry's response to begin steps to make garment manufacturing in Bangladesh safer in future.

Rana Plaza long-term compensation

Primark has paid $14 million in aid and compensation in support of the victims of the Rana Plaza building, which collapsed in April 2013, tragically killing over a thousand workers. The building housed several factories, one of which produced Primark garments.

Long-term compensation payments to victims and their families have now been completed, but we will continue to support those who need our help.

Rana Plaza - The Kushi Mela

This short film shows Primark’s work with local organisations to support the workers and families of New Wave Bottoms, the factory making garments for Primark in the collapsed Rana Plaza building following the payment of long term compensation.

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