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The Hall Of Game

PlayStation has always been a hub of entertainment for people around the globe, and there’s nothing sweeter than hearing the sound of your console loading up before you pop on your favourite game, am I right?

Tamera Heron
by Tamera Heron

The iconic symbol is a nostalgic one for gamers who were first introduced to the console in their childhoods and remains so for new generation players. So, for all the PlayStation fanatics (and people who can appreciate a five-star collection when they see it), our range of monochromatic stripes, colour block hoodies, and reverse sequin tops, guarantees that you’ll look fly as you head out of the door in this collection!

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Man on a bike wearing primarks playstation range

Hoodie £22, white Playstation t-shirt £8, tracksuit trousers £16

man wearing a primark playstation logo top

Playstation t-shirt £10

Model wearing Primark's Playstation collection

Paint splatter t-shirt £6, black hoodie £12

Model wearing white Playstation jumper

White Playstation jumper £12

Model wearing playstation colourblock jumper
Monochrome Striped Playstation T-Shirt
Model wearing a black Playstation logo t-shirt