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Hosting & Toasting 2.0

Since restrictions eased, after-hours socialising has a speakeasy feel, celebrating and embracing fun, freedom and friends. If your planning to invite guests over we have everything you’ll need to make an impression…

Oct 11 · 2 min read

Contrary to popular opinion, hosting is easy. No-one’s expecting a Michelin-starred meal, just a warm, buzzy atmosphere and a sense of togetherness.

Forget sous-chefs, our latest collection will be your on-hand support, with lavish accessories, furnishings and fabrications that achieve a luxe entertaining space on an affordable budget.

You don’t need a huge home to create a destination for guests to gather as they arrive. Whether it’s a dinner or Christmas party, some people may not have met before while others will have lots to catch up on, so a zone designated for intros will make for a more convivial experience.


Navy Palm Print Double Duvet Set £20, Green Tasselled Cushion £10


Gold Fluted Vase £6, Gold Geo Photo Frame £5, Gold Circular Cushion £7, Gold Geo Textured Cushion £5, Navy Palm Print Cushion £4

Serve Up In Style

Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or a beginner at the bar, our ultra-chic cocktail set, shaker and wine cooler will help you look the part. The trick is not to overclutter, but to organise the ingredients and utensils you need for your menu with curated nonchalance.

Interiors influencer, what?


Gold Bottle Cooler £9, Gold Cocktail Shaker £7, Neon Bar Light £20

Cocktail Set

Gold Cocktail Utensil Set £10

Creating a relaxed ambience with a luxury feel, our plush velvet cushions with vintage-inspired geometric and botanical patterning, art deco bar cart and marble trays encourage easy grazing while lounging.

Dressing table

Gold Glass Bathroom Tray £6, Gold Glass Soap Dispenser £4, Gold Glass Tumbler £3.50, Gold Glass Trinket Pot £6, Gold Glass Soap Dish £3.50

Luxe-Look Décor for Less

Make a statement with a dark palette and moody lighting, giving a sense of luxury. Think about creating a vibe with deep greens and blues — via plants, as well as paints — contrasting with muted ochre and bronze fabrics, amber candles, textured glassware and retro metallics.

Where’s our invitation?


Gold Geo Bottle Rack £8, Gold Rim Crystal Glasses £9, Gold Printed Glass Carafe £13


Green Marble Nesting Table Set £45, Gold Lamp £25

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