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Andrew Fitzsimons’ Salon Worthy Tools

Create salon-worthy hairstyles with Andrew Fitzsimons’ new hair tools. The new straightener, hairdryer, and curler will have you looking hot AF!

Aug 5 · 4 min read

Behind every great head of hair is a great hairstylist, and the man behind many of the world’s most glamourous locks is Andrew Fitzsimons. Whether you're aiming for beach waves, bouncy curls or a sleek and straight style, you can create red carpet-worthy hairstyles for an affordable price with Andrew Fitzsimons’ new hair tools. Scroll on for Andrew’s top styling tips on how to recreate three essential but envy-inducing looks.

Straight And Sleek

straight hair image

If you’re dreaming of pin straight hair, then pick up Andrew’s straighteners. With a maximum temperature of 210 degrees they’ll tame frizzy tresses and leave you with sleek looking locks.

Andrew Says:

‘Begin by giving your hair a good cleanse using your new AF shine collection shampoo, apply my styling spray and one pump of luxe oil to the middle of your hair working your way down to the ends. This oil will give you your dream super shine! Once blow-dried, use the AF tail comb to section your hair starting at the back, and then straighten. Now all you need to do is coat your hands with the luxe oil and distribute throughout your luscious locks to tame fly-aways.’

Bouncy Blow Dry

Red carpet curls

Give yourself the perfect blow out with the pink AF hairdryer, with 2 adjustable speeds and 3 heat settings you can tweak for your manes needs.

Andrew Says:

‘Start by washing your locks with the volume shampoo and conditioner duo, then spray damp hair with the glam styling spray for hold, volume and heat protection, that’s right, three in one - the dream! Blow-dry your hair with the AF paddle brush, switching to the round brush to bring the hair out and curled under in the middle. Once totally dry brush the hair into place and use a little bit of the texture and bounce sprays to hold your voluminous new look!’

Defined Curls And Waves

Bouncy hair

For defined curls or beach waves, the pro styling AF curling tong is your go-to! The perfect addition to your salon-worthy styling collection.

Andrew Says:

‘Wash your tresses with the repair collection and blow dry using the glam styling spray. Now you’ll want to grab the fabulous AF curling wand and take small sections in opposite directions spraying with glam spray as you go. Complete the look by shaking out or running your fingers throughout your hair, and finish with another spritz of the texture spray, voila!’

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