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Primark Mickey & Minnie Beauty image

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Hot Diggety Dog!

Oh boy! Our new spring green, and baby pink Mickey and Minnie beauty collection has all the best mini accessories for a quick pamper!

Mar 11 · 2 min read

Check out the compact brush and mirror, which fits perfectly in your pocket, so you can always check that your mouse ears are on straight! Then after a Disney movie marathon (c’mon we’ve all done this before), pop on the cooling eye mask. The squidgy beads are super comfy, and the strap means it will stay put as you doze off to Disneyland. Mini beauty essentials with a splash of Mickey and Minnie, what more could you want? Toodles!

Primark Mickey & Minnie Beauty image
Primark Mickey & Minnie Beauty image

Compact mirror £2, compact brush £2

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