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Top Grooming Tips

If you’re looking for advice on how to maintain your skin and hair while your go‐to salons are closed then you’ve come to the right place.

Jun 8 · 2 min read

Our wonderful menswear team have shared their secrets on how they’ve successfully become their own barbers and skincare experts during lockdown, while upping their grooming game at the same time. Read on for their top tips to achieve fresh trims and clear skin with the right groom gear.

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1. Be Your Own Barber

Recently a lot of guys have become their own barber, including our menswear team. They recommend using a higher blade than normal on the sides just in the case the cut doesn’t work out (it happens!), this way it looks less severe. Alternatively, just let it grow! Try a new lengthier style, using a salt spray or gel to keep longer hair in check. For afro textures, leave‐in‐conditioners and butters will keep your hair healthy.

2. Well Nourished Skin

If you’re finding that your skin is especially dry during this time, our team recommends using a hydrating mist to keep the skin rich in moisture. Line up some new shower products to boost your skin routine. Try exfoliating once a week too, to help remove any dead skin cells, clear your pores and leave your skin looking fresh. Last but certainly not least don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your face and body!

3. The Perfect Beard

For the bearded man, your essentials are a beard grooming 3‐inch scissor, a comb and your favourite beard razor. The razor is good for trimming the areas around the beard, such as the neck. Whereas the scissors and comb will allow you to trim your beard for a full and sharp look. These tools are also perfect for trimming your eyebrows, should they need it. Top tip: tapering your beard up to your jawline tends to give you a more pronounced jaw, adding shape to your face.

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