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Get festival fashion ready with our mix of fashion & music

Aug 1 · 7 min read

From These Boots Are Made for Walkin' to Justin Bieber's Yellow Raincoat, fashion items have been sung and celebrated by some of the top musical artists!

Thinking about it, music and fashion have always been BFFs - how many times have we gotten psyched up for a party by listening to our fave songs whilst getting ready? Yep... To celebrate festival season we've put together a groovy lil mix of the most fashion-savvy songs, so you can get ready in style!

Top 10 festival fashion -savvy songs

Whether you're driving to Reading festival, trekking it to Field Day or flying over to Burning Man - we've got the uber-fashionable playlist to get you pumped for festival season!

Our trendy top hits will get anyone in the dancing mood, but it's not all about the beat! Our song style index doesn't just feature songs with the most Spotify and YouTube listens - it also gets down to the nitty gritty details... looking at how many times each chart topper mentions a festival fashion item within the song lyrics!

Infographic showing top 10 festival savvy songs Top 10 festival fashion savvy songs

Does 22 times sound OTT? Well, your OOTD won't be festival-ready without a bucket hat. That's probs why Vic Cle mentions this coveted essential a whopping 22 times in his song Bucket Hat!

Ever wondered how many times Rihanna says 'umbrella'? The 800M YouTube listeners belted it out a fashionable 15 times every time they sang Umbrella! From polka-dot to pocketable mini brollies, thanks to Rihanna's tune we won't forget this festival must-have (UK festival-goers, we're looking at you!)

Ready to get the party started? First, here are our top 10 festival essentials you absolutely need to pack.

Models wearing green bucket hats and two-piece skirt coords
Models wearing pink bucket hats, t-shirts and denim skirts

Get your groove on with our festival packing list

Whether you're a leave-it-til-the-very-last-min kinda pal or a plan-ahead packing cube pro, our musical style gurus helped us put together a handy list of 10 indispensable festival clothing items:

Ultimate Festival Packing list

Shorts - From sturdy cargo numbers to classic denim short shorts, no festival look would be complete without this do-it-all clothing item. Singers seem to agree too, with over 44,000 songwriters dedicating their tunes to this humble piece!

Sundress - Whether you like 'em frilly, body-con or maxi, sundresses are a quick & easy way to score extra style points at the festival, with 0 effort! Literally, slip on, accessorise and you're ready to dance!

Raincoat - Now, we all wish we didn't have to think about summer raincoats, but here's the truth. Festivals are just as fun in the mud as in the sun, especially if we've got a beauts lil raincoat to protect us from the elements!

T-Shirt - With over 6000 artists mentioning tees, it's almost impossible to forget to pack this staple! From classic crisp white tees to statement t-shirts, we've got plenty of styles! Feeling forgetful? Listen to Destiny’s Child banger T-shirt and hear them belt out the word tee a HUGE 25 times!

Bucket Hat - Over 165,000 of you searched for this summer must-have in June alone! Dapper, trendy but also uber-practical, the bucket hat is a statement piece that won't let you down this festival season!

Model wears printed crop top and denim shorts
Model wears printed dress

Umbrella - Now that it's raining more than ever...Know that we'll still have each other...You can stand under my umbrella...ella...ella! The song needs no introduction, but let it act as a reminder to pack that all-important umbrella!

Backpack - Justin Bieber extols the virtues of backpacks in his collab with Lil Wayne, and so do we! This item is a festival saviour: comfy, practical and stylish. Keep all your valuables safe and sound in one of our small backpacks or sturdy hiking numbers!

Sunglasses - The sun's finally out but you reach into your bag and realise you forgot your precious sunnies! We’ve all been there… That's why adding Divine Brown's Sunglasses to our playlist will remind you to pack them!

Boots - Get booted and suited for festival season! Sturdy, weather-proof, comfy... boots will be your festival BFFs! In fact, in June alone you've searched for this festival essential a massive 3,350,000 times, making it the most popular festival fashion item!

Sneakers - Are your footwear faves festival-proof? If you're not wearing the boots, reach for your sneaks! Luckily, we've got plenty of styles, from high-top sneakers to trainers and plimsolls. Your festival athleisure look will be on-fleek!

Top songs to inspire festival accessories

Accessorising is super fun, especially when getting festival ready. Glitter? Check! Headwear? Got it! Chunky gold chain bangles? Right here! Need some extra accessories inspo? Why not get a lil help from our fave musicians? All-American country rockstar Thomas Rhett can't get enough of his cowboy boots, and neither can we!

Festival accessories

Top songs for picking festival outfits

Nothing gets us in the festival mood more than listening to our fave tunes while getting ready. So, round up your mates, gals and BFFs and blast some seriously fashion-savvy tunes!

Twerk to the lyrics of Shelley FKA DRAM's Sundress before picking out your hottest shorts while dancing to The Royal Teens’ all-time classic Short Shorts!

Festival outfits

How we created our song style index

Curious to know how we collected this data? Before you set off to your summer rave, let’s unravel the details!

First, we looked at the most searched-for festival clothing items: bucket hats, raincoats...sunnies, you name it! We then searched the depths and breadths of the web for songs that mentioned these festival essentials. Finally, we put ALL the data together, including:

  • UK search volume for the festival fashion items (total of 115 items analysed, a shortlist of 10 selected)

  • No. of songs that contain each top-10 fashion item in the title

  • No. of times each song mentions the top-10 fashion items (a shortlist of 10 songs per fashion item created, a total of 100 songs)

  • No. of Spotify & YouTube listens each songs gets

...and ta-da! We ended up with our very own playlist of the top most fashionable songs.

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