Our secret to fresh looking greenery 24/7? A curated display of our faux plants and flowers (shh… we won’t tell if you don’t!). In vases, planters or pots, our faux foliage will claim permanent residency in your home before you can say banana leaf! Did you know that having a few botanical beauties in your work space reduces stress and increases productivity? We’ll take 10 of each! Our collection of faux flowers and plants is here to add a vivacious touch to your space and add a little outside to your inside, without the hassle of watering. We won’t say no to that! You can create your very own flower wall or floral arrangement with our collection of elegant single stems, or find the perfect plant addition to your chic shelfie display. Explore the range now, go big, small, or somewhere inbetween to fill the empty spaces in your home decor.

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