1. What measures have your stores implemented for customer safety?

We want our customers and colleagues to continue to feel safe in our stores.We are closely following all safety advice from government, treating this guidance as the minimum standard, and we continue to have health and safety measures in place in all stores.These measures include:Personal protection for employees and customers:On entering the store, customers have the opportunity to use the hand sanitiser that is provided at the store entrance. We hope that our customers and colleagues will continue to think of others and wear a face covering when in store Perspex screens or cubicles have been installed on tills to help protect customers and employees. Increased in-store cleaning:Increased frequency and rigor of store cleaning, particularly around high frequency touchpoints such as tills, escalators, lifts, and employee areas in back of house. Customer basket handles will be sanitised on a regular basis.

2. Are the fitting rooms, toilets and seating areas open?

Our fitting rooms, toilets and seating areas have now reopened.

3. Do you have/ Where in the store are hand sanitisers located?

Customers will be able to sanitise their hands upon entry into the store. Additional hand sanitiser stations are also available at back of house for employee use.

4. Will you have a queuing system at the tills?

We have reconfigured our queuing system at our till points to that will still allow for social distancing. In addition, every till has a Perspex screen and cubicles have been installed on tills to protect customers and employees.

5. Will the lifts and escalators be available for use?

Our lifts and escalators are available for use.

6. Will staff wear face masks/gloves?

Face coverings and gloves have been made available should employees wish to use them.

7. Contactless Payments – what is the maximum amount?

We are encouraging card payments and contactless when possible to minimise cash interactions. The maximum limit is £45.

8. Will there be a limited number of people allowed in the store?

We will be following usual capacity guidelines for each of our stores.

9. What are you doing in Wales/Northern Ireland/Scotland?

We will continue to have extensive safety measures in place including a strict social distancing protocol, limits on the number of customers allowed in store, requiring the use of face coverings in queues and in-store, hand sanitisation stations at store entrances, Perspex screens and cubicles at till points and increased in-store cleaning.