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Family Time

Fam Jams From €7

It wouldn’t be a Primark Christmas without our iconic Fam Jams for the whole family, especially the dog!

Oct 12 · 1 min read

Tis’ the season to wear matching pyjamas. Pick up our South Pole worthy fam jams and accessories starting from €2.50 in store. Now you’re ready to snuggle on the sofa for an evening of endless hot chocolates and Christmas movies.

A Disney Christmas

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Pet’s Yoda Fam Jams €12, Baby Yoda Fam Jams €10, Kid’s Yoda Fam Jams €12, Adult Yoda Fam Jams €13

Everyone’s favourite alien, The Child, is the theme of our grey and white Fam Jams, and he’s here to keep you warm and cosy throughout the wintery season. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the Yoda ears on the pet pjs – we’re obsessed! But what’s Christmas without Mickey Mouse? That’s right, we have Mickey and Minnie pyjamas to help amp up the festive spirit during the lead up to the most wonderful time of the year.

The Classics

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Adult Reindeer Fams Jams €13, Kid’s Reindeer Fam Jams €10, Pet’s Reindeer Fam Jams €8, Baby Reindeer Fam Jams €7

If you’re a family of wannabe Christmas elves, then our #TeamSanta pjs with candy cane striped trousers are ready to fulfil your festive wishes. Last but certainly not least, we have a classic fairisle print in red and white, the perfect outfit for Christmas morning!

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Adult Mickey Mouse Fam Jams €15, Pet’s Mickey Mouse Fam Jams €12, Kid’s Mickey Mouse Fam Jams €12, Baby Mickey Mouse Fam Jams €10, Minnie Mouse Slipper Sock €5

Fam Jam Image 4

Adult Fairisle Fam Jams €13, Kid’s Fairisle Fam Jams €10, Baby Fairisle Fam Jams €7, Pet’s Fairisle Fam Jams €8, Fairisle Socks €2.50

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