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PS Actives Tried and Tested

If you want honest opinions and inspo on how to use the PS Actives range, then keep scrolling to find your answers from three beauty gurus who have tried and tested the products. This dual-purpose ingredient led collection starting from just €3 is worth the hype, find out for yourself below.

Mar 18 · 2 min read

The “No Make-Up”, Make-up Routine

Beulah uses the buildable eyeshadow palettes and blush to create an au naturel look that leaves her looking dewy and radiant. Check out her video as she talks through her choices to achieve this stunning yet super simple finish, including some Primark lashes for an extra pizazz, because why not?

model with glowy skin

The Peachy Look Routine

Hani has created an “I woke up like this” look, using the peach-toned products for a warmer appearance. She said she “feels like I did my skincare and make-up all in one” – the dream! Watch as the products she applies help her skin to glow and simultaneously refine her pores, finishing with a quick dusting of the Blurred Out primer powder to set her look.

model with glowy makeup

The Everyday Pop Routine

Jen is loving the eyeshadow palettes and provides recommendations of which colour to choose for your eyes. She has all the tips and tricks including blending the two liquid blushes together for her cheeks and lips, showing just how versatile the range is!

woman holding ps actives range

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