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Festival Must-Haves!

Festival season is here, and whether it’s the music, the fashion, the food or the beauty that draws you in, we’ve got the festival feels and we can’t keep it in. So when it comes to beautifying in your 2-man tent, what should be stashed in your make-up bag? Brace yourself gang, it’s time to keep things simple * sob *. Yes, the 45-minute getting ready process is every gal’s favourite pre-night out activity but, at festivals, time is limited and you have to pack light. Who wants to be stuck in a tent perfecting their brows when there’s music to dance to? (Erm…) In the name of going back to basics, festival style, we present our ultimate beauty survival kit – it’s party time. 

Primark festival beauty summer 2016

The Base

Just like your festival backpack, you’ve got to keep it light. The ultimate minimal base starts with BB cream - it boasts enough coverage to mask imperfections (even that regretful 2 hour sleep) and will help reinvigorate the healthy glow you left at home! The best bit? It won’t crease or leave your skin feeling heavy – so you can sing your heart out all day long without any necessary touch-ups!

Primark festival 2016

The Lashes

Whatever the occasion, fluttery lashes are a must. Keep it simple with slick of mascara to emphasise the eyes. Remember to use waterproof mascara incase you forget to remove your make-up pre-bed time (naughty naughty), panda eyes are never on trend! Or, embrace falsies with a pair of false lashes to keep your eye make-up on point come rain or shine! 

The Lips

Now this is when you can really go to town. It is all about the lips this festival season, with juicy pops of red, pink and coral to stand out in the crowd. Lipstick is your expression weapon in the basic make-up look – keep it minimal on the base and eyes, but let the lips shine, switching up the colour on a daily basis to reinvent your look. Luscious!

Primark Festival Beauty Summer 2016

The Nails

Much like your lips, when it comes to nails, the brighter the better. If faffing with nail varnish and chipping manicures gives you chills, why not add some falsies before going away? Or fake it ‘til you make it with some nail art wraps in Aztec or floral prints for festival chic with ease. All about that gel manicure? Our UV polishes react with natural light to set and seal optimum colour - so you'll have salon-perfect nails throughout the whole festival!

Primark Festival Beauty Summer 2016

The necessary extras

There’s a few more essentials we couldn’t let you leave without: a hat is vital for covering hair drama - stick on a fedora and no one need know what’s lurking beneath, or turn to every girl’s best friend, dry shampoo, for freshness and added volume; cleansing wipes - you’re sure to develop a love-hate relationship with these bad boys – you’ll love the ease and versatility, and hate yourself for not packing more! Carry a lipbalm at all times to keep your pout in perfect form for every crowd selfie opportunity. Finally, relive your 90’s youth and get glittered – a few diamond gems to the cheeks should suffice (or go bold with the glitter, we won’t judge!)  

Pack it up in your fave Primark make-up bag (the perfect size for prettifying pieces) and you’re good to go – festival season, we’re coming for you!

Primark beauty festival 2016


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