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Time to Brush Up

Written by Philippa Pearne

We all know a make-up collection that’s on point goes hand in hand with owning ALL the right make-up brushes #amiright? So if you need to brush up (geddit?) on your application skillz then look no further. We’ve got this! Read on, take notes and prepare to become a pro in five minutes flat.


1. The Powder Brush

For: Base that doesn’t budge.

How: Don’t be shy – this brush was made to be swished. Use it to apply loose or compact powder all over your face after applying foundation.


2. The Blush Brush

For: Creating a fresh flush.

How: Tap powder blusher lightly onto the apples of your cheeks, taking it up and outwards.

3. The Foundation Brush

For: Kickass coverage.

How: Starting in the middle of your face and working your way outwards, use the flat of the brush to sweep on your foundation. Blend it into your jaw and hair lines for a flawless finish.


4. The Concealer Brush

For: Skin trickery.

How: Use the soft bristles to seamlessly dab concealer onto and around any blemishes and to highlight under your eyes.

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5. The Contour Brush

For: Dreamy bone structure.

How: Sweep bronzer underneath your cheekbones, down your nose, over your temples and along your jawline for amazing definition.


6. The Pencil Brush

For: Bright Eyes.

How: Use the end of the brush to lightly dab highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes.

7. The Blender Brush

For: Sheer lids.

How: The looser bristles help to blend shadow all-over for a subtle wash of colour.


8. The Small Shadow Brush

For: Lids that pop.

How: Its small size helps you to avoid mistakes so use this for more focused techniques, like applying strongly pigmented shadows or glitters.

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9. The Socket Blender Brush

For: Creating an expert finish.

How: In circular motions, use it to blend eyeshadow into the crease of your eye for a two-dimensional look.


10. The Shading Brush

For: Serious smudging

How: Apply dark eyeshadow along the bottom lash line for a sexy, smoky eye.


11. The Angled Eyeliner Brush.

For: Definition goals

How: Dip it into a gel or powder liner and draw along your top lash line for a sassy finish



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