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velvetgh0st x Primark Home

We’ve been desperate to share this super exciting news with our wonderful fans for what seems like forever now, and the time has finally come! We’re so, so happy to officially announce a very exciting collaboration with our long-standing friend and fan, Miss Gabriella of velvetgh0st.

Yes! You read that right; we’ve teamed-up with the effervescent Sheffield-native to create a gorgeous homeware collection that we just know you’re going to love. You’ll have to sit tight for the collection to arrive, but until then we wanted to give you a little behind-the-scenes scope, so we sat down with Gabby to talk cats, cushions and cosiness!

Gabriella x Primark Home

Why did you want to collaborate with Primark?

I've always loved Primark homeware. If you look back at my Youtube channel, you'll see I've always made videos with Primark homeware. I think it's so affordable and such nice quality, so you get the best of both worlds. It's so good for my audience as well, who are mostly school and university age, and just want something affordable that looks nice to re-do their room.

Why did you choose to focus on homeware?

I just love redecorating places, I think it’s fun to add new things in every now and again.

What was the design process?

We did some mood boards at first and I decided upon a grey, mint green and pink for the theme, with quite a bit of rose gold in there, because I just love a little pop of something that you wouldn’t really expect.

Did you enjoy the design process? 

Definitely! I love doing stuff like that. I’ve always enjoyed creating mood boards. I had so much fun picking all the parts that I loved and seeing the collection come together.

What were the most challenging aspects of the project? 

For me, the most challenging aspect was definitely coming up with a colour theme, because there were so many different roads I wanted to go down. It was nice to come up with something that I didn’t expect to come up with, which is the mint green and pink.

Is the final collection what you expected?

Yes, definitely. It’s so much better than I expected to be honest. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out SO amazing. It’s everything I had in my head.


How would you describe the collection in your own words?

It’s perfect for all ages. It’s perfect for people who don’t like too girlie but it’s also perfect for people who do like girlie because it does have a little bit of pink in there. And the little pops of rose gold add a bit of sophistication and playfulness.

What are your top picks?

One of my favourite products is the stream of rose gold fairy lights. I think they're gorgeous. I can just imagine making a little den with loads of cushions, hanging them up; they'd look so nice and sparkly! And the little glass mug too, with the little cat face on it, I really like that.

We hear you’re moving to London soon will you be hitting up Primark to get your new home in shape?

Definitely! I’m going to have this range all over my new home; every room is just going to be full of it.

Your cat, Nellie, features a lot throughout the collection, were cat motifs a conscious choice or a natural design progression?

I knew that I wanted to incorporate cats because I love cats! And then, as it happened, the cat drawn up looked like Nellie, which was fine by me. He looks so cute stood next to the cushion!

When unboxing the final items, which product surprised you the most? 

I think it was probably the eye mask. I really didn’t expect it to be furry, it’s super soft. And the throw as well, it’s so soft, it’s so nice.

What are your top tips for achieving the ultimate blogger bedroom?

It’s always nice to get some new bedding. It makes you feel like you’re in a completely new room. Lots of cushions are definitely a big thing for me as well, and lots of fairy lights. I love fairy lights!

Gabriella x Primark Home

"I always knew I wanted to incorporate cats into the collection, 

because I love cats!

And then, as it happened, the cat drawn up looked like Nellie."

How do you feel about your face being in Primark?

I think it’s so exciting. I love Primark, so going in and seeing my face will be a bit surreal to be honest. But, yeah it’s amazing!

What has been the most exciting part of working with Primark?

Every one is so nice! Yeah, It’s just been so nice, every time we’ve met I’ve just had the best time!

How do you feel about being stocked internationally?

It’s incredible. It’s not only going to be in the UK. It’s going to be all over Europe and in Germany as well, which I’m so excited about because my granddad loved Germany so it’s like a little nod to him. I love Germany too, I went at Christmas time for the Christmas markets and they have a massive Primark store in Cologne.

Which core Primark Home products are your must-haves?

I always buy the bedding. I’ve got the pineapple bedding right now on my bed. I think it’s so nice. I just love the bedding so much, it’s such good quality.

Do you have a favourite Primark store to shop homeware from?

I really love the Meadowhall store, that's got quite a big homeware section and I’ve always loved going in there – I just want to grab everything!

What’s your advice to any Primark Home newbies out there?

I would say go into a store, have a look at everything, have a feel of everything as well because it’s such good quality and I think that anyone who’s skeptical about it will be shocked by how amazing it is.


"The eye mask is another one of my other favourite products.

I think it's really cute, and I didn't expect it to be furry; it's super soft." 

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