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Day in the life: Emma Gannon

Where do we begin with Emma? This one-woman-band is your regular fashion industry all-rounder. With stints at The Debrief, and Glamour Magazine, along with freelance writing for Grazia and Stylist tucked under her on-trend belt, the pixie-cropped cutie is also set to publish her first book next year. And, as if that wasn't enough, you can also keep up with the wordy Wonder Woman over on her fashion and lifestyle blog, Girl Lost In The City

With such an epic intro, we're pretty sure you'd love to know how this goddess gets ready for LFW? Well, lucky us got to shadow Emma around town last week, here's what we found out...

Primark Emma Gannon Street Style LFW SS16

All photography: Holly McGlynn

"Eggs!" proclaims Emma, when we ask about a typical LFW start: "Normally scrambled. You’re going to need the energy whether it’s fighting through the crowds, running from one show to another because you’ve missed your taxi, or just generally keeping your spirits up. It's usually a very long day." A great starting point, the most important meal of the day. See, your parents were right all along...

And that energy is needed more than ever, with the bustling side streets of Soho playing host to the fashionable furore, battling the crowds is no easy feat. But what does Emma think of fashion week's new home?: "It’s nice to have a really buzzy atmosphere clustered in the heart of Soho. I like it. But I’m glad it’s only for one weekend!"

With such a demanding job, and a blog to boot, Emma must have to get super, duper organised when it comes to LFW. We asked the bombshell what her plan of action usually entails: "I don’t plan massively in advance, mainly because I’m disorganised when it comes to my wardrobe, but also I don’t know how I’m going to feel on the day." Okay, maybe we take that back about being organised...

Emma Gannon LFW SS16 Street Style Primark
Emma Gannon LFW SS16 Street Style Primark

Our blogging babe continues: "I’m very much a 'wake up and see how I feel' kind of person with fashion, so I’ll have a few outfits in mind, but I don't plan too rigidly. I don’t think I’ve ever laid out my clothes on the bed in preparation, for example. But to save stress, it’s definitely wise to have an idea." 

For someone so admittedly disorganised and fashionably flippant, we were dying to know how Emma pulled her look together so expertly: "This look is definitely comfortable but smart. I love polo necks, with a delicate necklace over the top. I also really liked the detailing on this simple black Primark skirt, and you can never go wrong with a big chunky coat."

Primark Emma Gannon LFW SS16 Street Style

And when it comes to accessorising, it seems style and function are of equal importance for this fashionista: "My shoes are a winner because the wedge is quite high, but they are super comfortable. Also I never leave home without about three pairs of sunglasses."

Emma Gannon LFW SS16 Street Style Primark

What three saviours are always in your fashion week handbag?

1. Plasters. I get blisters like no one’s business.

2. Lipstick and a compact mirror. I love lipstick but I do tend to get it everywhere, or rub it off while eating food. Earlier this year at Berlin Fashion Week I met the editor of chief of a huge European magazine and afterwards realised I had lipstick all over my teeth. Fail.

3. Battery charger.

(Hey, we said THREE) 4. Sunglasses.

Quick-fire round

Sixty seconds, seven questions, one answer. Do you agree with Emma's quick-fire responses?

Fashion Week flats or high fashion heels? Can I say wedges?

SS or AW season? AW! I love chunky knits, scarves, boots, hats. So cosy. I’m a winter girl.

NYFW, LFW, MFW, or PFW? LFW. I love London. I still get so excited that I live here.

Bright and early (morning shows) or fashionably late (evening shows)? Evening shows! I am a night owl. And I love parties.

Business breakfasts or post-show parties? Post-show parties! But swinging by, not an all-nighter anymore.

Trend watch: sidewalks or catwalks? Sidewalks. I love people-watching.

Fashion Week survival top tip? Don’t take it toooooo seriously.

Emma Gannon Street Style LFW SS16 Primark

Emma's look was created with our gorge selection of womenswear apparel and accessories from Primark, in London. If you're heading over to the Big Smoke soon, don't forget to hit up one of our stores! In the meantime, recreate the look for yourself with a cheeky bit of Penneys...

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