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Anna Whitehouse and her daughter

Day in the Life: Anna Whitehouse

Ah, the joys of parenting! There’s an hour-long scream ringing in your ears and bits of mashed banana in the ends of your hair, but you’re still madly in love with that tiny tot in your arms. We’re loving the huge upsurge in mummas and papas tearing up the internet at the moment with stories and advice, and we can’t resist catching hold of one of them for a chat when we can! 

Anna Whitehouse, founder of Mother Pukka (‘for people who happen to be parents’), is just what the wonderful world of mummy blogs needs. She’s both fashionable and fearless- covering everything from the latest mum and baby fashion, to the realities of being a modern day mum, with all the smiles and tears along the way. We caught up with her to talk all things blogging and parenting.

Anna Whitehouse and her daughter

What was the inspiration behind setting up Mother Pukka? 

"Parenthood is funny. It’s hardcore, yes but there’s so much madness, I just wanted to laugh a bit more through it all; unite with others instead of thinking it was this terrifying undertaking that would leave me with boobs like spaniel’s ears and a relentless eye twitch."

You have a very colourful Instagram feed - does this reflect your personality? 

"I am most definitely not all sunshine and light as a person. But I do like colour. Colour perks me up a bit and we all need that every so often – even if you’re totally owning life."  

How do you juggle motherhood and running your blog? 

"I just press buttons and hope for the best while vaguely parenting – Mae has taken a few topples while I’ve been answering seemingly important emails. It’s not a working formula but its fun – I laugh more than I cry so that’s good!"

Describe a typical day in your life? 

"Cbeebies, Cheerios, an argument with Mae about which spoon she requires. “I want the blue spoon… NO not that blue spoon”. Then it’s balancing emails and meetings with keeping a small human alive in London, one of the most mental cities in the world."

mother pukka
Anna Whitehouse with her daughter

What are the top motherhood/maternity fashion myths? 

"That your style evaporates. Sure, there’s a 6-month period where you might reach a little more for those jogging bottoms from 1996. But you’re the same person, so if you’re like me, you still like shiny things."

Has your sense of style changed since having your daughter Mae? 

"I do love a trainer these days. I have a mountain of trainers instead of heels – but the rest has stayed the same. It’s whatever-isn’t-in-the-wash chic with a sporty edge and some BIG accessories."

Does your personal style influence how you dress your daughter? Or is she already a little stylist? 

"I dress Mae in exactly what I want to wear. Other than the occasional interlude for a dinosaur outfit or monster-themed onesie."

What top trends will you be dressing your daughter in this summer? 

"Brash colours, metallic skirts and anything that has, as my mother would say, ‘a bit of pizzazz’. 

And what trends are you buying into yourself? 

"Anything with pizzazz! Especially anything with a Spanish influence – I love a voluminous sleeve."

Anna Whitehouse

What piece of motherhood advice were you most grateful to receive? 

"Stuff changes every day – let it all happen and the good times will roll. Control is out, going-with-the-flow is in."

And what is the biggest piece of advice you would offer to new mums? 

"Do it your way and laugh through the madness. Failing that, hand the baby to someone you love and watch Netflix for a bit to re-calibrate the mothership."

Do you have a celeb mum style icon? If so, who and why? 

"She’d cringe if I called her a celeb (although she has been spotted out on the street once or twice) but Zoe de Pass from Dress Like a Mum. She’s got nice clothes and she’s a nice person."

And finally, what advice would you give an aspiring blogger? 

"Keep pressing buttons until something sticks."

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Anna Whitehouse and her daughter


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