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The Re:Mark: Social Media Obsessed

As my instagram bio will tell you: I’m social media obsessed. Growing up in an internet savvy world has taught me one thing – social media is a MUST!

The Remark Primark

My choice of career - working on fashion digital-only platforms - didn’t happen by accident. The sights and sounds of the internet have been infiltrating my brain for years; learning how to send my first email in computing class at school, growing strangely fond of hearing the dial-up tones on the family PC, and encouraging all of my friends to join Facebook, all played a part.

At a recent book launch for my friend Emma Gannon’s (you might remember her from our Day in the Life feature) first book ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ we learnt all about her life growing up with the internet – from the pros and cons to the #cringe. However, for the purposes of today I’m going to focus on the positives!

Whether it’s killing time on my daily commute or trying to find my #MondayMotivation in meme form, Instagram is where I go to get my fix. I’m an unashamed Insta-bragger be it a new fashion purchase, latest holiday location, Sunday brunch, or the worst offender of all – the post workout selfie. My name’s Jayne, and I’m an Instagram addict! At least I can admit it!

The urge to post a selfie has caught on tenfold, and here at Primark we are avid supporters of this. Our very own social media platform Primania is a clear example of this - our Primark community has racked up 11, 000 uploads in just three small years - showcasing products, beauty and homeware. We salute you Primanians!

As Facebook takes a bit of a back seat for me (used purely to brag about ‘check ins’ and catching up my international family) and with Twitter and Linkedin being the best place for professional self-promotion, it would seem that the only place to really be, and be seen right now is over on Snapchat.

After being trusted to do a Snapchat takeover from Florence during a recent work trip, I was hooked! And we all know how much fun those filters can be! It’s like having your very own TV channel that you can film all day everyday! If you haven’t checked out what we’ve been getting up to in and out of the office over on primarksnap, then now is the time.

My social media scrolls are currently inundated by festival #OOTD and friends having fun in the sun. I’m suffering from serious FOMO! If you’re lucky enough to have secured tickets, but are still deliberating about what to wear or how to style you hair then our old friend YouTube has everything you need to know. 


So while you enjoy the summer sun why take a few snaps, as selfie in the park with friends, or an evening alfresco dining pic – you know you want to. Better yet we’d love to see what you’re wearing over on Primania! See you all over on my social feed!



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Jayne Bibby





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