Stock Queries

How can I find which stores are stocking my favourite items?

Due to popular demand, we have just launched our availability checker on products across our website. Simply go to the product page, select your size and local store, and enjoy browsing.

What does "low stock" mean?

Low stock means that stock for your chosen item is running low in your selected store. As this seems to be a popular item, we recommend you pick it up quickly!

Or, you could check if there is another store close to you that may have more availability.

What does "not sold" mean?

This means that your selected store doesn't stock the particular item you've chosen - it may be one of our smaller stores that doesn't sell all of our lines. You could see if there is another store nearby that does, or you could try a similar item.

Can I hold items if they are low stock?

Unfortunately, our stores can't hold stock, so we recommend you pick it up quickly!

How do I know how much stock is in my local store?

Choose your favourite item and then select your local store to see the available stock status. The stock status will be either 'in stock', 'low stock', 'out of stock' or 'not sold'.

Can I check more than one store?

Once you have chosen your favourite product, you can check as many stores as you like in our store selector.

Can you tell me if an item will be restocked?

Keep an eye on our stock checker, which updates at the end of every day, for the most up to date information on our latest styles.

Can I be guaranteed that stock will be there when I arrive?

Our products are popular - they can sell out very quickly and so we cannot guarantee availability once you arrive in store. However, our new online stock checker will help give you an idea of availability of stock in your chosen store. Simply choose your favourite item and select your local store.

When does the stock on the website update?

Our stock checker updates the availability status of items at the end of every day.