Fact 1 out of 3

We are helping farmers grow greener cotton

We work with CottonConnect

We started a three year programme in partnership with CottonConnect in 2013. Farmers learn better farming techniques, including how to reduce the amount of water and pesticides they use. They also learn how to improve the cotton they grow, helping them to earn more money and support their families better.

Fact 2 out of 3

We are helping factories to be greener

We promote cleaner production

Textile factories can use large amounts of water and energy to wash fibres and to dye fabric. Our Cleaner Production programmes in partnership with environmental experts help textile factories reduce and respect the natural resources they use.

Fact 3 out of 3

We are making our stores greener

We reduce, reuse and recycle

We are reducing the energy we use in our stores and operations by investing in green technology, such as low level lighting. Working with the charity Newlife, we have raised almost €3 million by donating clothing from our stores for recycling. The funds are used to support disabled and terminally ill children and pioneering European-wide research into birth defects.

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