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Bringing the Outdoors In

With all of us inside the house more often., why not inject the calming properties of nature into your space. Whether you want to recreate a forest in your living room or just feel like you need a change of scenery, read on for our tips on how to bring the outdoors indoors. Helping you to create peaceful surroundings that will aid the reduction of stress and have an all-round positive impact on your mental wellbeing.



When trying to introduce the calmness of the outdoors into your home, it can be as simple as placing mirrors opposite to your windows to help increase the amount of natural light around your room. It may be worth trimming back shrubs and trees in the way of your windows too. Just don’t forget to give your mirrors and windows a good polish post makeover to allow maximum light to shine through.



Shout out to all the plant mums and dads! What better way to bring the outdoors in than by scattering houseplants around different rooms? If you struggle to keep your plants alive and thriving, there’s no shame in filling some of the space with faux foliage. They’re low maintenance and will still successfully provide you with a flourishing indoor garden aesthetic. Take inspiration from our very own visual merchandiser Felix and try stacking your plants on shelves and desks of varying heights. Alternatively, create a feature wall using hanging plants and slabs of moss.



If you’re still in the midst of spring cleaning and redecorating then it might be time to dust off the rattan, wicker and wood accessories. Incorporating natural fibres via baskets, lamp shades and rugs is a great way to install a variety of textures into the home. Alternatively, pick wallpapers, paint and tiles that mimic natural surfaces and hues to create a space inspired by your favourite spots in nature. Top tip: you can use pinecones and seashells for decoration too!


One of our favourite ways to bring the serene outdoors into the home other than having the windows open as much as possible, is to try burning earthy incense, drop some of your favourite oils into an aroma diffuser or place potpourri around your home. This way you can travel to your favourite places, from the beach to lush forests, within a few minutes 😉

Tamera Heron
Style Editor
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