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The Working From Home Guidebook

Many of us will be working from home for the next few weeks due to self-isolation, which might just sound like every introvert’s dream. However for those of you who are more likely to get cabin fever, here are our top tips for staying sane, maintaining a healthy mind and body and keeping productivity levels to a maximum during this time.



Get some fresh air
Whether you’re opening up a window, enjoying lunch from your garden or having a morning stroll through the park, take some time out to clear your mind and get a change of scenery.

Keep in touch
One of the best things about working with colleagues is sharing ideas and having a chat about the latest news, so why not pick up the phone and call friends and family for quick catch ups throughout your day? Replace your face-to-face meetings with video calls and set up a WhatsApp group with your colleagues for quick communication.

Do exercise
Follow a routine on YouTube, do some yoga, or simply get down to your favourite tunes. It’s important to move your body, especially when you’re not commuting, walking to meeting rooms or strolling into town at lunch. Use this time to stretch away the stress and rejuvenate your mind.

Listen to music
While you’re tapping away at your laptop, treat yourself to some sweet tunes. Listen to the radio or if you prefer chatter then use this time to tick some podcasts off that list of recommendations your friends keep giving you.

Take your lunch break
It can be easy to get caught up with work, especially when you haven’t got your colleagues to have lunch with. Taking a full hour lunch break away from your desk will allow you to refocus and improve your efficiency for the remainder of the day.


Work from your bed
As tempting as it may be to prop yourself up with those plump cushions while wrapped in your duvet, bed should be reserved for sleeping. It’s important to associate different rooms with different tasks for maximum productivity and relaxation.

Have TV on in the background
Listening to music or a podcast is a useful way to stay entertained while you’re working remotely, however having the TV on demands too much attention. Instead save that Netflix show you’ve been waiting to binge as something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Stay in your pyjamas
Trust us, we get it. Our PJs are our best friends too. But changing into comfortable daywear will help you to get into work mode. Leave your PJs as the treat they are for the evening.

Get too distracted by the dishes
One of the joys about working from home is staying on top of your household chores. No need to rush them in the evening, you can put a wash on mid-day and hang those clothes to dry in sunshine – it’s the small things! But it can be easy to get distracted by day-to-day tasks when deadlines are looming, so set times throughout the day to complete your chores instead. Why not try after breakfast and before lunch?

Spend too much time on your phone
Limit your phone usage throughout the day by placing it in a separate room. That viral meme will still be there when you get back. If you need to stay alert for particular messages, simply turn off all non-essential notifications!

For additional tips and tricks on how to practise mindfulness, Sally Lovett, founder of Stretching the City, shared some tips with us on how to reset and refocus, even with the most hectic of schedules.

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