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Trending Now: Pop of Neon

With wintery days and nights upon us, the neon trend feels more relevant than ever! So, infuse some of our high vis favourites into your winter collection. There’s no wrong time to experiment with colour, so why not start with our brightly hued options. Neon has become less of a blast from the past and more of a hot trend so make sure you embrace this luminous craze!


If full neon is too bold for you, then start by incorporating some accessories into your everyday fits. From a bum-bag to a cap, you can turn up the brightness with just a few new pieces. Hoodies are a wardrobe staple regardless of the season, so upgrade your collection with our neon numbers.

But, if you’re looking for extra layers then our luminous padded yellow jacket will keep you warm and highly visible. Get ready gents, because it’s time to channel your inner florescent runway model, strike a pose – no flash needed 😉.

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