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All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

As working from home and social distancing become our new norm, it’s starting to affect our dress sense too. We’re no longer planning an outfit to wear to the office the night before, or popping out for some retail therapy during our lunch break. So as our work styles flex and change, which WFH sartorial camp do you sit in? Scroll down to find out which of our 5 style tribes you belong to.


Keep Comfy And Carry On

Dressing down while working from home should actively be encouraged but there’s a fine line between being comfortable and looking lazy. If you want to go down the tracksuit all day, every day look then take fashion advice from your fave influencers and keep it tonal (nudes or pastels are our personal go-to), make it a matching jogger and sweatshirt set and keep it stylish. Just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t feel put together - plus feeling good about yourself will help your productivity levels too.

Time To Experiment

We all have those items in our wardrobe that we bought on a whim when it was the hottest new trend or something you bought abroad as a holiday memento (normally in Vegas), but it doesn’t quite fit into your day-to-day life as well as you’d hoped. Now is the time to get that number out of the wardrobe and ready for its VC close up. Tie-dye you say? Neon brights? PVC? Get it on, try it out, style it up within an inch of its life and carry on! After all, if we can’t experiment with our wardrobe now, when can we?

Sartorial Sass

If dressing up is your thing then definitely don’t let Covid-19 slow you down. We all need some outfit inspo, now more than ever, even if we can only find it via our daily VC calls, so we could all definitely take a leaf out of your book. Keep your standards as high as your heels and dress up to the nines. Trouser suits are having a major moment just now, so look yours out and team it with a casual tee or body suit (because sassy can still mean comfy). Don’t forget to add your usual jewellery too for extra ‘put together’ points.

Don’t Care, Won’t Care

If you’re using all this WFH time as a reason to take a break from your daily hair and make-up regime, we salute you. A luxurious cleanse and moisturise in the morning, hair in a top knot and you’re ready to go. There are plenty of plus points for this way of thinking; more time in bed each morning, you'll always be ready early so can enjoy a leisurely coffee, and you’ll be the first person to log onto the team VC call – win-win! Plus going from 'work' to 'relaxation mode' takes ooh 5 seconds, not to mention that in a week or two your skin and hair are going to be the healthiest they’ve been in years.

Workout Warrior

Starting the day as you mean to go on with some meditation, a 5k run or joining in on a hit class by your favourite influencer on Instagram Live is certainly admirable. And what’s the best thing to put on after a post-workout shower? More gym gear of course. Those high waisted leggings not only feel comfy but they’re super flattering too, team for a cosy under layer and choose between a long-sleeved top or hoodie to complete the look. You’ve already smashed your gyms goals by 9 am and now you’re going to look sleek and chic for the rest of the day. What’s not to love?

Jayne Bibby
Style Editor
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