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As the sun sets earlier and nights get cooler, the question of “what do I wear?” is asked more and more. But, instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, just refresh your collection with a few key items, that’ll seamlessly transition from one season to the next. Midi dresses are the go-to summer to winter garment. Why not slip on our gorgeous red smock dress, capturing the perfect combo of spring florals meets autumnal hues. Don’t forget to build layers with oversized shirts and denim jackets, or for extra cosiness try on our fluffy zip-up fleece.

Model on the beach wearing a white denim outfit
White jean €17, white denim jacket €15, check shirt €13, white hiker shoe €18
Model wearing a burgundy shirt on the beach
Red shirt €16
two models on the beach in a dress and denim clothing
Borg teddy jacket €25, dotty midi dress €18, beige hiker boot €19
Model wearing a white denim jacket and orange jumper
Ribbed top €6
Model wearing a denim dress leaning against a wall
Check shirt €13, denim pinafore dress €15
Polaroids of two model on the beach
Black and white image of a model with the text AW19
model sat on a chart wearing black jeans and a cream jacket
Dotty top €17, corduroy jacket €23, black jean €17
model wearing a red floral dress on the beach
two models denim dress
black and white image of model posing outside
Blouse €13, corduroy skirt €13
Headshot of two models
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