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New Year, New Routine

New Year routines are the new resolutions! Helping you to appreciate the little things that make each day special, alongside grounding you when life feels up in the air.

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Tamera Heron

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt it’s that we have to appreciate the small things in life, from the smell of fresh coffee in the morning to a walk shared with a friend. This year create a new routine to help you make the most out of each day and the joyful things found within it. We’re all in this together so if you need a bit of inspo and encouragement then just keep reading!

Morning Mediation

Morning Mediation

It’s easy to wake up and start working straight away but mediating first allows you to take some time to focus on your body and emotions. If you need a helping hand… or voice, then mediation apps and guidance via Spotify, YouTube or even online groups is a great way to get started and stay focused.

Make A List

This is a simple yet super effective way to structure your day, plus it feels great to cross something off! Make a daily list or two, for example you could write one for work and one for personal life. Your list doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, “go for a walk” or “remember to call Mum” will do!

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

Next up is your morning coffee, the perfect companion on these colder days. Instead of rushing your brew put some time aside to slowly sip alongside a book, the radio or open up your windows listen to the birds and breath in a fresh day. Whether you prefer a pour over, fresh press or your coffee machine is doing all the hard work, a fresh coffee never fails. Top tip: level up your brew with fresh beans!

Lunch Time Walk

Less daylight means more time to cosy up on the sofa, but it also means you should go out and embrace outdoor life where you can. It’s easy to grab a snack and sit in front of Netflix during your lunch break (and we’re not opposed to it) but try and go for a quick stroll during your breaks instead. Stretch your legs and let the winter sun beam down on you – you won’t regret it!

Insta-Worthy Lunch

Insta-Worthy Lunch

Another fun way to spend your lunch is to create a meal so delicious and beautiful that it would be a crime to not post it on Instagram. Share some inspo with the rest of your followers and treat yourself to a lunch you’d tip for 😉.

Tablescape Your Dinners

We can’t go to restaurants so we’re bringing them home. Get creative and create unique new tablescaping layouts at dinner time. Try matching your table theme to that of your cuisine and use music to help build ambience. You’ll be an expert table dresser in no time, ready for your first dinner party of the year.