Primark Wellness featuring Disney’s Winnie The Pooh

Prioritising our personal wellbeing is more important now than ever. So, scroll down for our week of scheduled self-care ideas courtesy of our latest Primark Cares label featuring Disney’s Winnie The Pooh.

Whether it’s skincare, exercise or weekly meal prepping, follow our day-by-day weekly guide for some simple self-care suggestions to incorporate into your daily routine for those much-needed serotonin boosts.

Self Care Skincare

We’re kicking things off with some skin-centred self care. Schedule in some ‘do not disturb’ pampering with the help of our Disney Winnie The Pooh hair and feet care sets from our Primark Cares label, to keep your locks and limbs looking preened and pretty. Then treat yourself to an at-home facial, with our range of scrubs, cleansers and creams and finish with our Eeyore adorned gel eye masks for the perfect segway for skincare to sleep.

Model lays on bed in winnie
Dark Pink All Over Print Minky Winnie The Pooh Cropped Hoodie €14

Start Your Journaling Journey

One of the best ways to nurture your mental health is to jump on the journaling bandwagon. When you wake up, rather than reaching for your phone to start the sleepy social media scrolling, go old-school with a pen and paper and jot down your gratitude’s, goals and positive affirmations to set you up for the day and switch your mindset from groggy to grateful.

model poses doing yoga
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Tiggers Don’t Jump… They Bounce!

It’s scientifically proven that moving our bodies in some shape or form gives us those mood-boosting endorphins. Whether it’s bouncing, running or yoga, our athlesisure jumper and jogger sets are the only workout gear you’ll need to get the heart rate up and negative vibes down.

Model meditates
Ivory Winnie The Pooh Sketched Co-ord Sweatshirt €12, Ivory Winnie The Pooh Sketched Co-ord Jogger €12

Due a declutter?

We’re all familiar with the phrase, ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ so if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed mentally, why not try de-cluttering your surroundings and sprucing up your workspace with some fabulous foliage in the form of our selection of faux plants. Bringing a sense of the great outdoors to your indoor sanctuary will help keep you calm and grounded during your busy workday.

model in pjs with cup of tea

Mindful Mealtimes

From one leafy green to another, fuelling your body with healthy, fruit and veg-packed meals, is the best way to keep your body feeling fighting fit. To ensure you’re getting your 5-a-day, why not take the stress out of the food shop by trialling some meal planning and prep with the help of our Disney Winnie The Pooh kitchenware pieces.

Our oven and fridge friendly glass containers keep your prepped food fresh until it’s ready to be cooked and our selection of reusable cups and bottles feature rose gold details to make your fruit infused water or morning cup of coffee feel extra fancy.

Model sits at table with winnie homerange
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Once you’ve got your meals sorted, creating a zen atmosphere isn’t just reserved for your bedroom and living room areas, turn meal-times into a relaxing ritual and enjoy the dishes you’ve created by accessorising your table top with our homeware pieces. From adorable wooden Winnie-shaped plates to the Hundred Acre Wood inspired rattan placemats, who said insta-worthy dinner settings only came with a reservation?

Get Your Fresh Air Fix

We’re winding down the week with one of the easiest forms of self-care available. Getting outdoors and into the fresh air is the quickest way to re-centre yourself and clear your mind.

Comfy clothing like our pink borg jogger and quarter zip set paired with our adorable embellished high top trainers make the perfect outfit for utilising the great outdoors, whether it’s a quick walk round the block, some outdoor meditation or even those peaceful ten minutes with your freshly brewed coffee in the garden.

model poses by front door in pink pjs
Light Pink Winnie The Pooh Borg Quarter Zip €20, Natural Winnie Hightop Trainer (Coming Soon) €14

Slip Into A Peaceful Sleep

We spend a significant chunk of our lives sleeping, so it’s pivotal for our health and wellbeing, to establish a bedtime routine to look forward to and one that lulls us into a deep, peaceful sleep. Starting with your surroundings, create your very own sleepy sanctuary with our selection of bedding, cushions and throws to make your bed look irresistible.

gif of pjs
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Then each day, kick off your routine in the early evening by changing out of your work clothes and into one of our super soft and cosy nightwear options. From snuddies, socks and short sets, to trousers, tee and teddy sets, we’ve got the perfect Disney Winnie The Pooh adorned pj’s to help you drift off…

Oatmeal Winnie The Pooh Kids Snuddie €16, Oatmeal Winnie The Pooh Top & Pink Trousers Younger Girl Pyjama Set €9, Winnie The Pooh Pink Top & Patterned Oatmeal Trousers Older Girl Pyjama Set €10, Cream and Pink 2PK Fluffy Winnie The Pooh Socks €5, Winnie The Pooh Calm Velvet Quilt Throw €16