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#PrimarkMeets Ajda Sitar

This year we’re celebrating 50 years of Primark, to mark the occasion we’ve chosen some of our favourite faces to front our latest campaign. When they weren’t striking a pose, we took a moment on set to ask each of them a few questions. Read on for their top Primark shopping tips, must-have Primark items and more…



What are your top tips for shopping in Primark?

Get there early, wear something light (you don’t want your cardigan, coat or a big handbag obstructing you), always take a trolley (even if you think you will be out in a second with only one pair of flipflops), return for the classics (such as underwear, bras and PJs), experiment (the prices are great for trying out something new) and don’t forget to have fun! These are notes from a professional Primark shopper a.k.a. me. Write them down and thank me later.

What kind of Primark shopper are you?

I would like to think, I am a planner, but to be completely honest, I always go crazy when entering Primark’s doors. I always check Instagram, Youtube and blogs for items currently in season, but in the end I always fill up a trolley in no time.

If you could only buy ONE Primark item for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

That’s a hard one! Probably non-wire push-up bra, so comfortable and soft, a perfect fit and without a doubt unbeatable price-wise. So many of my friends (and Instagram followers) have bought this one on my recommendation and loved it.

What Primark item do you still have in your wardrobe from years ago, that remains a forever fave?

I have a light grey sweater, it’s probably over 4 years old. I Bought it in London and have worn it a hundred times since then and it still looks great! Definitely one of my favourite clothing pieces, it’s simple, but it brings so many memories.

When you think of Primark what comes to mind…?

Definitely a shopping trip to London years ago with my sister. We came there with our luggage half empty, ended up buying so many items, we each had to wear two sweaters on the airplane back home. We went crazy, since it was one of our first experiences in Primark. If I remember correctly it actually was my sister’s first trip to London and Primark!

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