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Sustainable Slumberwear

Slipping into a fresh set of PJ’s has to be one of the best feelings… ever. But, it’s even better when they’re great for the planet, like our PJ containing 100% sustainable cotton. From silky shorts perfect for balmy holiday eves, to fluffy dressing gowns for cosy nights with a cuppa, you can stock up on a range of sustainable slumberwear for a sweet night’s sleep. But, if you love having some familiar faces travel with you to dreamland, then our Dumbo, Bambi, and Winnie The Pooh jammies are ready to awaken the child in you.

Two models wearing Primarks sustainable pyjamas with the caption 'People, planet, respect'.
Pyjama set €7
Nightdress €6
Dumbo pyjamas
Dumbo pyjamas €13
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