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Sun and Games

Summer has to be the best season of the year for kids. You can actually get them out of the house--and there’s tons to do outside! You know the drill: zoo, picnic, days on the beach...and lots more. Our first kidswear summer collection isn't just adorable--it's practical, too, giving you one less thing to think about when prepping for busy days out.

Kids in Summer

From left: Older boy wears striped T-shirt $4.50, shorts $12. Younger boy wears T-shirt $4, shorts $6. Last, younger girl wears dress $6.

Lightweight, fluid fabrics in simple cuts meet our pink and blue color theme. The trend is ‘Summer Camp’: it features adorable retro details and prints, mixed with our trademark comfy fabrics. Cotton, jersey, denim and more give you lots of choice! And with prices starting at a sunny $4, there’s never been a more tempting time to head in-store and get those suitcases filled.

Baby boy's outfit

Shirt $9, shorts $7

Baby girl's outfit

Dress $10

For little ones, we have cool round-collar shirts and summer dresses. The fits are loose and comfortable, so playtime can last all day. We love the simple patterns and colors, so easy to style and wear from hotel to beach. The wave dress with sweet embroidery detail is so cute--and perfect to style with a colorful sun hat and tiny sandals!

Younger girl's outfit

Frilled blouse $6, shorts $7

Younger boy's outfit

Polo $6, printed shorts $12

For kids aged 2 to 7, there are T-shirts and polos for boys, and shell tops with lots of frills for girls. We’re loving the fresh prints and stripes in our key colors! Pastel blues and pinks are so refreshing on our striped polo shirt, a steal at $6. And our prints for blouses and dresses? Pineapples, strawberries--it's all fresh and fruity.

Older boy's outfit

Tank $3.50, board shorts $8

Older girl's outfit

Tank $6, shorts $12, sunglasses $3

And last but not least, our older kids’ collection focuses on chilled-out tanks with contrast collars and stripes. Pair 'em with patterned and embroidered shorts for a relaxed-but-cool look, and your kids are ready for long summer days (if you can keep them still for sunblock!). 

We know a finished look is all in the details: that’s why we also have some perfect accessories showing up soon in-store. We have lightweight totes for snacks and toys, sun hats and trucker caps to keep cool, and sunglasses to finish off the collection's dash of retro style. Pop a pair of comfy sandals on their feet from $4.50, and off they go! 

Our Summer Camp trend is totally ready for adventures, whether in new places or closer to home. With our candy colors and laid-back retro styles (at prices you won’t get all hot under the collar about), the kids will be all ready for that fantastic summer break!

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