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Primark AW17 menswear Q&A with Fly By Midnight

Fly By Midnight

Looking for celeb-approved style? Look no further. Justin and Slavo, of Fly By Midnight fame, recently hit-up their local Primark store and spent a hot minute dishing the deets on their sartorial influences and Primark shopping tips. From Elton John to Harry Styles, we can confirm: these boys know a thing or two about keeping things fresh AF.

Primark AW17 menswear Q&A with Fly By Midnight

Who is your ultimate style icon from the music world?

J: I think my style influences are always changing. Acts like Hall & Oates and Elton John (circa late 70s) had this really unexpected, out-of-the-box style that I’ve always admired.

S: I’ve always appreciated artists that could stand out without trying too hard when it comes to their style and vibe. Current icons such as Matt Healy and Harry Styles are great at wearing intriguing clothing, without it feeling unnatural for their personality and artistry.


Has your style evolved since you’ve been in the spotlight?

S: For sure. Besides being musicians & songwriters we really take pride in our brand, as a whole. That said, our style and the aesthetic of Fly By Midnight, take different shapes as we progress.

J: Before the spotlight, I wore what my friends were wearing; my friend wore baggy jeans, I wore baggy jeans. Now it’s more about telling a story with what we’re wearing.


How does your day-to- day style differ from your on-stage style?

J: We’ve been locked in the studio a lot lately, so my day-to-day style is usually about comfort. Sometimes Slavo walks into the studio looking like he’s ready to hit the red carpet! On stage, I definitely wear more exaggerated versions of my typical style.

S: I used to live next door to the studio, so sometimes I'd walk over in sweats, shorts, and slippers. But, like Justin said, occasionally I'd rock a full-blown performance outfit, just because. You gotta keep it interesting!


What one item can you not live without on stage?

S: My guitar. I feel incomplete on stage without my instrument. Plus, it keeps me from doing awkward dance moves!

J: Our in-ear monitors - my favorite piece of equipment on tour. It just gives me that sense of comfortability that no matter the venue, I’ll always be able to give my best vocally.


Which store did you last visit, and what are your top tips for shopping in Primark?

S: We visited the Primark in our local Staten Island mall. My advice would be to bring a friend...or three! It’s such a fun environment, it almost acts as a social experience.

J: Prepare to spend the majority of your day there...There’s too much to just drop in for a quick second to shop. Plus Slavo takes forever to try on clothes.


What’s your favourite thing about Primark?

J: The variety of styles. From casual, to stage worthy, it really fits our vibe as 'normal' people, and as artists.

S: I really appreciate the balance between quality of clothing and cost. I’m all about the color blue too, so the vibe is right up my ally.


What key Primark pieces are on your hit list for AW17?

J: I’m stoked to wear the whole zip-jacket look. They have a very simple-yet-cool vibe to them.

S: I grabbed this comfortable, yet stylish, denim jacket with a hoodie. It has a very fall feel to it, which is one of my favorite times of the year; gonna be sporting that look around a lot.

Fly By Midnight's latest track, Vibe, is now available to purchase and download.



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Primark AW17 menswear Q&A with Fly By Midnight


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