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City Guide: Boston

So, you've heard the news, right? Primark, Boston, September 10th... We're super excited and cannot wait to bring a little bit of Primark's famous Irish heritage to Downtown Crossing.
Primark Boston

As it's no small news bulletin, we know people from all over will be clamoring to visit our very first Stateside store; so, we've put together a city guide to cover all the must-sees, must-dos, and must-haves. But first, here's the inside scoop on our new digs...

Now that you know where we'll be and how to find us, it's time to get acquainted with the local area. Whether you're thinking of filling-up in preparation for a hardcore Primark haul, looking for a place to lay your head, or simply seeking some culture, our Boston city guide is the perfect place to start...


Primark Boston

We're no strangers to the Primark shopping experience. And, as such, we know there are a few do's, don'ts, and must-haves. Ensuring you're sufficiently fed and watered is key - with five floors to explore, you'll certainly need some energy. 

So, we have scoured Boston's culinary core to help you make a decision when you want to get your grub on. You wouldn't want to waste any precious shopping time deciding where to grab a bite, would you? 

Much like Dublin's famous Temple Bar, Boston has its own bustling hub called Temple Place, locally known as 'Restaurant Row' (no prizes for guessing the best spot to go have your fill). From the most important meal of the day, to the last supper, we've got a suggestion for every edible necessity. 

Breakfast, The Thinking Cup

Ponder your purchases or strategize your shopping tactics over a breakfast burrito and fresh cup of Joe. Perching on the perimeter of Boston Common on Tremont Street, a post-breakfast stroll is highly advised.

LunchSam La Grassa's, World's Number One Sandwiches

Potentially as beloved as Katz Deli in NY, or the Beigel Shop on London's Brick Lane, this sandwich joint is an institution. Family-run, friendly, and serving up ginormous incarnations of the lunchtime classic. If you're feeling adventurous, try the 'Famous Romanian Pastrami™'... Yes, you read that right, a sandwich name that has actually been trademarked!

DinnerJM Curley

Named after Boston's infamously-charismatic mayor, James Michael Curley, this much-loved restaurant will fill your belly and keep you happy. Similarly to our own mantra, 'of the people,' JM Curley was hailed as a 'man of the people;' so, it's a fitting choice!


Primark Boston

You'll find Boston to be a busy, cosmopolitan city, always entertaining and hospitable. As such, of course, there's no shortage of places to stay. From mega-cheap hostels, to boutique gems and The Ritz to The Four Seasons, all manner of travelers and budgets are welcome!

See & Do


A stone's throw from New York, Boston has so much to offer visitors and residents alike. A quintessential college town, famed for its Irish heritage and annual marathon, Boston is teaming with cultural hot spots and tourist attractions. Here are just a few suggestions that we deem must-visits!

Fenway Park

It goes without saying that baseball is a treasured, all-American sport. So, when in Rome (or Boston) catching a game seems non-negotiable. Home to the Boston Red Sox MLB team, Boston boasts one of the most famous stadiums in America, Fenway Park. Not just a mecca for fans, it's an institution that's not to be missed. Help yourself to a juicy slice of American pie and catch a game or get yourself tickets for a grand tour of the stadium!

Institute of Contemporary Arts

The perfect place for culture vultures to indulge their love of contemporary art. Catch an exhibition, meander around on a free guided tour, or even stop by to refuel at the gallery's own harbor-side dining hotspot, the Water Cafe.

Boston Children's Museum

With a range of workshops, studios, galleries, and activity hubs, there is no missing out on the fun at the Boston Children's Museum. A great way to spend time with the family and maybe even learn a thing or two yourself!




The good old-fashioned way! Wander around the city by foot and explore for yourself or discover its vast heritage and history via one of the many official walks and trails. From the 'Freedom Trail' to the 'Irish Heritage' trail, there are hundreds of exciting things to see and learn. 


The Boston Bikes campaign gives London's Boris Bikes a run (cycle) for their money. With a range of dedicated cycle paths and routes, you'll be a safe cyclist with confidence. 

Public Transport 

If you're new to the area, the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority has your back. With a fully comprehensive and accessible network of buses, subways, and a commuter rail, Boston is on point when it comes to public transport.



You'll find us in the original Filene's Department store at Downtown Crossing spreading our fashion message across no less than 70,000 square feet! To get you in the mood and show you what to expect, here's a glimpse at some of our biggest stores up and down the UK...


Don't forget...

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