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The Misshapes: Style Secrets

New York City-based creative collective and DJs, The Misshapes, never miss a good party. This super-fashionable and über-talented bunch offered the epic soundtrack to the Club Primania Philly store event last week, where both celebs and press danced the night away to celebrate the opening. We chatted to Greg and Leigh, who form two thirds of the gang, about their Primark knowledge, style inspiration, music, and some rather indulgent guilty pleasures.

Primark Refinery29 Philadelphia Party The Misshapes
Primark Refinery29 Philadelphia Party The Misshapes

Are you familiar with Primark?

We’re really familiar with Primark from the UK. We’ve heard of it and we’ve definitely worn it before. I really like it - its full of perfect staple items for your wardrobe! 

Tell us about the Primark pieces you're wearing tonight? 

Leigh: I’m wearing a really fluffy faux faur jacket, sheer black blouse and button through mini skirt. I think the coat I’m wearing could easily be worn over a dress, or black pants, or really anything to change it up for another night out!

Greg: I think you can wear this leather jacket with anything. You could wear it with a suit or with jeans. I personally like to wear my Primark with Prada, and mix it up with my everyday style.

Who, and what, inspires your approach to dressing?

Greg: You know, I think it’s a really fluid thought process. It’s not really something we put too much thought into. We work with a lot of designers and we’re around a lot of fashion already, and it just comes naturally to us.

Leigh: It’s never really a trend-led process – it’s all about whatever mood we’re in that day.

How does your work as a performer inform your fashion choices?

I think it really depends what the event is that we're DJ-ing for. If it’s a black tie event, we will obviously wear that. But, if it’s in a club and we can choose whatever we want, we normally pick something that is comfortable yet looks good.

Primark The misshapes Refinery29

Tell us 5 fun facts that no one knows about you?

We’re both big foodies – we love to eat, go out to restaurants and also cook at home.

Neither of us are naturally dark haired, we’re both naturally light haired.

Greg: I’m Canadian, I almost moved to Philly but I moved to New York instead.

A lot of Leigh’s tastes in music started with punk

Our guilty pleasures are candy and pizza!

Quick fire round - Leigh

High heels or sneakers?

Always High heels.

Summer or fall?

I like a tan, so Summer.

Bright lips or long lashes?

Long lashes - I’m far too messy to wear a bright lip everyday.

Early brunch or late night dinner?

Neither, late brunch or early dinner.

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