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The Re:Mark: Back To School

Last week over breakfast with trend forecasting agency WGSN, I discussed all things Gen Y and Gen Z. For those not in the know: Gen Z are the "true digital natives" born between 1995 and 2010 – basically the cool kids about to take over the world, both digital and physical ("phygital"?).  It got me thinking about my college years, how much the fashion industry has changed since then, and where it’s headed now. But with the attention span of Gen Z supposedly a mere 8.25 seconds, I’d better make this quick!


I can't believe it’s been fourteen years since I packed my bags and left Scotland in search of new pastures, adventure, and college life. Little did I know, I'd make London my "forever home" long after my fashion journalism program finished.

After 10 years working in fashion, I’ve seen a lot of change; but as a soon to be "outdated" millennial myself, Generation Z has really caught my attention as they continue to push boundaries, challenging brands as well as coworkers with their innovative thinking. After all, most of my editorial team here at Primark are clever Gen Z-ers!

And as July winds down, I realize many of you are in the middle of a new beginning yourself: a new semester, a new season or just a fresh start. So whether you’re headed back to school, starting life as a college student or just looking towards the new fashion season, here’s how to make a great first impression:

First, be yourself: make your own personal style your business card, whether in the style stakes or during an interior intervention. After all we all know how desperate those dorms can look at first, right? **insert shocked face emoji**


Already have your fashion A-game planned? Then how about I start with décor? There’s nothing more nerve-racking than moving into a dorm or apartment in a new city, full of new people. For me it wasn't just moving to college, but trading a small village in Scotland for the huge city of London. Gah! 14 year on and I’ve been posing as a native Londoner for some time now – so I must have gotten something right...

If you’re also making a big move and need some bedroom or desk style inspo, then check out our new Homeware trend: Scandi Cool. It brings in all the minimalist chic the stylish Scandinavians are renowned for. 

If you read my last column about moving to East London, you'll know interior design is majorly on my mind – and these Nordic whitewashed floors and subtle color pops are right up my street. Super chic black-and-white more your style? Fear not: we also have a version of this hot trend coming soon!


Or maybe it’s easier to do a wardrobe refresh instead? It's may feel like summer's just getting started, but the Fall-Winter collections are already arriving in-store. If there ever was a great time to put a trendy, upbeat spin on the transition to winter, it’s now! The good news: now's the time to hook up with a trend you’ve been eyeing up the past few weeks, but weren't ready to try. If it’s taken you a season or two to get into the bomber, then why not go full throttle now? This jacket – along with the slogan sweat, and cool olive – has become the key piece for both men and women

To me, a new semester especially meant one fun thing – new stationery! Someone as obsessed with stationery as myself is my good friend Alexandra Stedman. Think marble prints and copper accents – do I have your attention? Let Alex give you a sneak peek at our new collection launching next month. 

And speaking of good first impressions: someone that made a great impression on me last week is a certain little Miss Grumpy Cat, who paid us a visit as part of her British invasion. We had a blast hosting a #PrimarkMeets afternoon and interviewing Grumps herself! I wonder what Gen Z would have to say about her digital-savvy takeover?

They say Gen Z lives for the experience rather than the status: wise words to live by if you ask me. Oh to go back to my college days...yeah – no. On second thought, maybe not... Think I’ll stick to the day job!



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