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#PrimarkMeets Macy

It’s time to get into your comfiest PJ’s, put on some music and sit down to read our cast interviews. Macy tells us about her first love, where her happy place is, and (hardest of all, right?) she chooses between puppies or kittens...


Who was your first true love?

My first true love was my mum! I’ve always been kind of obsessed with her.


Is love a cure-all?

I want to say yes – but logically speaking, no.


What does being comfortable in your own skin mean to you?

Being comfortable in my own skin means being able to live authentically.


Is home really where the heart is?

Yes, my home is definitely where my heart is.


Where's your happy place?

With my lover, TJ.


What does "one love" mean to you?

To me "One Love" is the Bob Marley song!


What makes you feel really content?

Having my money taken care of and having my loved ones in one place.


Who are you?

I’m an intersectional feminist. I’m an artist. I’m a lover. I’m a fighter and a thriver. I’m multiple versions of myself. I’m everything! I’m Macy.


Who do you admire most in life, and are they an inspiration to you?

In life I admire my mum the most. Having a strong, independent, single mother who embraced and celebrated me in all forms really shaped my world.


When was your first kiss?

I had my first kiss when I was young. One of my childhood best friends would visit and I would kiss her.

Macy's Quick-Fire Round:


Anarchy or order? I like the idea of anarchy, but I may be a bit too highly strung for it.

Makeup or fresh-faced? I love being fresh-faced.

Heels or sneakers? What about boots? I choose boots. 

Day or night? Nighttime, when I can cook dinner and relax in my bed.

Dressed up or dressed down? Dressed up. Always!

What’s your fave color? I’m too indecisive to have one.

What’s your fave word? Right now, it's abundance.

Morning person or night owl? I can be a morning or night person. It depends on the occasion!

Fave pizza topping? I don’t really care for actual pizza toppings, but I love to have a salad with it.

Last book you read? It took me too long to actually think of the last book I read...! I’ve definitely been wanting to read more.

Last person you texted? The last one I sent was to my sister and mum in our group chat.

Puppies or kittens? Puppies, preferably hypoallergenic ones.

What’s your life motto? My life motto hasn’t been decided yet, that’s a lot of pressure... All I can say is treat people how you want to be treated.

Fave emoji? The shooting star – because I relate 💫

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