Health & well-being

Since 2011 we have worked closely with BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) as local partners and our suppliers on the HERproject (Health Enables Returns). HERhealth is an initiative within this which provides healthcare and health education to women working in the factories that make our products.

Women make up about 80% of the workers that make our clothes as employees of our suppliers. In low income countries, women often lack access to adequate healthcare and the knowledge they need to take care of their own health. Common issues include poor pre and post-natal care, anemia, the risk of infections and illness including HIV / AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and tuberculosis.

80% Garment Workers are women
female coaches
Over 800 Female Coaches Trained

Our program

The HERhealth begins by selecting a group of women from each factory as coaches. They are given a series of training sessions that take place at work. The idea is simple - women train other women with regard to their health needs, and help support each other in their learning and understanding. 

The coaches are then responsible for training the other women who work at the factory. The topics covered include healthy eating, family planning, HIV/ AIDS, malaria & dengue fever, maternal health, personal hygiene, reproductive cancers, menstruation, and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. 

The local partners working with the factory and the coaches also assess the facilities and services that women need to have access to, in order to maintain good health. As a result some factories have begun offering sanitary napkins at a discounted cost, or have created links to local clinics and hospitals.
20+ Factories in the Program
37% more women use clinics
53% more women eat protein
34% of women use contraception

The HERhealth project in Bangladesh

Our short film on the HERhealth in Bangladesh shows the program in action. It includes interviews with some of the women involved and explores how their lives have been changed.

Continued Work

In Bangladesh we're aiming to implement health initiatives in all our factories, and we're working with BSR and other local and international partners to accomplish this.

Primark is currently working with BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) to extend the program to a group of female cotton farmers in Northern India.

HERhealth Factory Map

Primark HERhealth factories

The map above shows the location of Primark HERhealth factories across the world, and the number of women participating.

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