Learning groups

Since 2009, Primark has partnered with SAVE (Social Awareness and Voluntary Education) to provide education and support for workers and their communities in southern India. The program raises awareness of topics including childrens' education, financial planning, health and worker rights and allows us to go beyond the factory gates to understand the challenges faced by communities in which our products are made.

Our program with SAVE is for the wider community where our products are made and not just for those who work in the factories that make Primark clothing.

Workers Trained
100% of Children at School
Hotline to provide support and advice

Our program

Under the program, workers form small learning groups, and receive education from SAVE's trainers. Workers in the groups then educate others in the factories they work in, and the communities they live in. A key achievement of this program is that all workers who take part in the scheme send their children to school and encourage others in their communities to do so.

As part of the program, SAVE carries out in-depth surveys to help us understand the challenges that workers, and their communities face. With their support, we are able to build programs to address these issues.

Continued Work

We continue to grow and develop our program in south India.

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