Lars Doemer

Yarn before dyeing

Our Detox programme in China

Hello, my name is Lars Doemer and I am the Technical Director at MADE-BY. My colleague, Viktor Fihlman, and I recently travelled to Shanghai to meet some of Primark’s most important suppliers as part of Primark’s Detox programme.

A series of meetings were held to initiate and gain support for a pilot project with these suppliers and some of the dyeing mills they work with. The goal of the pilot is to understand the challenges that dyeing mills face when using chemicals in production. Chemical experts, working on behalf of Primark, will carry out waste water testing and analysis as well as in-depth chemical audits to identify what the main issues are. Primark and their partners will then work with the dyeing mills to improve how they use their chemicals.

The discussions focused on the benefits of good chemical management and the critical need to phase out hazardous chemicals from their production processes, whilst phasing in safer, greener chemicals in their place.

The suppliers spoke openly about the increasing pressure from government to become more environmentally friendly and understood the need to reduce waste and water pollution to be able to meet these stricter regulations. They saw the Detox programme as an opportunity to help them not only meet current and future government legislation but to also be part of the wider environmental movement within the global fashion industry.

Waste water being treated after use in the Factory

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