Textile factories can use large amounts of energy and water in the manufacturing process.

We run programs in partnership with other retailers, environmental experts, and organizations like Greenpeace, to help our suppliers improve their environmental impact, conserve natural resources, and replace certain chemicals with alternatives.

Cleaner Production Programs

Our Cleaner Production programs, which started in 2011, provide training to suppliers in Bangladesh and China on how to make improvements to their washing, dyeing and printing operations. The training helps them reduce the amount of water, chemicals and energy they use and ensure that wastewater is treated properly.
In addition, as part of our effort to ensure that our products are safe to wear and use, we are working to phase out certain chemicals and replace them with alternatives.

You can read more about our chemical management programme here.

You can find out more about how wastewater is treated using an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) by looking through the gallery below.

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