Stores & operations

We are working hard to reduce the environmental impact of our stores and logistics operations, from identifying how we can reduce the energy our stores use, to recycling the paper and cardboard from our stores.

Following the opening of our first ‘Energy Saving Store' in the UK in 2010, we have progressively introduced many carbon saving measures in all our new stores and refits.

Our program

Primark is working hard to reduce the energy intensity of its operations. 95% of our stores use Building Energy Management System. We have also been working on reducing the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per square meter of shopping floor, a commonly used indicator of energy efficiency. This has been calculated at 134.294kg for the 2013 - 14 reporting period. As well as including Primark's shop floor space, this figure also encompasses our distribution centres.


Primark is directly involved in the process of managing the waste that we generate in many of the regions that we trade in. To support this process we have implemented a system whereby we backhaul much of the cardboard, plastic and clothing hangers that we produce at our stores to our Distribution centres from where it is further processed and sent for onward recycling.
The waste is backhauled using the delivery trucks that service our stores which presents us with the twin benefits of reducing the amount of onsite waste collections and has also provided Primark with an opportunity to become more actively involved in the recycling process.

This waste recovery initiative is currently being implemented in the following regions:

  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands

We are reviewing opportunities to expand this programme to the remaining regions that we are trading in.

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