Female farmers in India

Delivering education to cotton farmers

We have launched a new project in South India

  • Women Win and Primark have launched a new project in South India  called One Win Leads to Another (OWLA). The project aims to empower workers through the delivery of life skills and sports training.
  • The goal of the OWLA project is to develop the leadership skills of female workers, build workers’ confidence and develop peer relationships.
  • This OWLA brings weekly sport sessions to approximately 200 women workers at a garment-manufacturing factory in Tamil Nadu, India. Workers also receive weekly training sessions, on communication, conflict resolution, health, and their rights as workers and women. For many of the workers, this is the first time they will formally receive access to this kind of information.
  • As well as providing training for workers, it is also important to understand  workers’ views, and their experience of the project. Workers will voice their opinions through surveys and participation in a peer led game called Drawing The Line [1] (DTL). DTL uses visual prompts to engage workers in valuable conversations about their needs and working life.

Preparing and launching OWLA

  • In Autumn2014, working with local partners, Women Win and Primark worked with local partners to adapt the existing OWLA curriculum for the factory setting.
  • Our implementing partners Naz Foudnation have been working hard to recruit and train coaches and peer leaders, and to prepare materials, activities and training sessions.
  • In early 2015 Naz Foundation carried out surveys and the DTL game.The surveys and the group discussion will be carried out at intervals throughout the project. The data created will help us to better understand the impact of this project.
  • The sports and life skills training sessions have begun and participants are extremely excited to be part of the project!

What's next?

OWLA will run until Autumn 2015 when we will review the impact of the project and provide an update on what has been achieved, and how participants have benefitted.

[1] Drawing the Line is created by Going to School

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