Our values

We are owned by Associated British Foods (ABF) and share its values: taking care of our people, being good neighbours, and fostering ethical business relationships.

Like most retailers, Primark does not own the factories that make its products. We work with selected suppliers, many of which have worked with us for many years and our business supports 700,000 workers across three continents. 

We take our responsibility to the workers in the factories, their communities, our customers, and our shareholders seriously. We work hard to ensure that our products are made with respect for the environment, in good working conditions, and that workers' rights are respected.

Our values in practice

Our Code of Conduct sets out the core principles that factories must follow to ensure our products are made in good working conditions, and that the people making them are treated decently and paid a fair wage.

Every single factory is carefully audited by Primark-approved external auditors or our own internal teams to ensure it is meeting the Code and support it by providing guidance and training when issues are identified. We have teams of experts in our key sourcing countries who manage this process and are responsible for working closely with our suppliers and their workers.

Our Code is available in over 31 languages and can be found here.

Joining forces

We share many of our factories with other brands and retailers and believe that by working together we can have a greater influence and impact than if we worked alone. With this in mind, we have joined forces with other brands as well as trade unions and leading organizations such as the ETI. Ethical Trading Initiative is an organization that brings brands, trade unions and charities together to improve working conditions. We also work with Business for Social Responsibility and ILO Better Work.

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