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Low prices don't necessarily mean low wages

We offer great prices by keeping our own overheads low

Most factories make clothing for a range of retailers, and factory workers get paid the same wage, whether they’re producing for a value retailer like us, or a luxury brand. We're able to offer our customers great prices because we keep our own costs low, and we place large orders with our suppliers, which help them plan their production.

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We take the issue of wages seriously

Every factory is inspected carefully

Our Code of Conduct states that any supplier making our products must pay workers at a minimum the national legal standards or industry benchmark standards, whichever is higher. Every single factory is carefully audited by Primark-approved external auditors, or our own internal team. They inspect wage and working hours records in detail and speak to workers themselves, in confidence, to verify the information.

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Better wages, better livelihoods

Our programs aim to help workers have better livelihoods, from earning a fair wage and knowing their rights at work, through managing a household budget and saving money effectively. We’re also working with other organizations and retailers on other things we can do to help workers earn a living wage, which is one that covers the total cost of living, including healthcare, food, education and housing.

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