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Here you can access a selection of resources that the Primark Ethical Trade and Environmental Sustainability Team uses in its sustainability work with suppliers and factories to minimize Primark’s environmental impact.

Like a number of other high street retailers, we are committed to the ZDHC Foundation’s Programme, in which we are phasing out certain chemicals deemed hazardous and replacing them with safer alternatives. A core part of our work towards this target is our Restricted Substances List (RSL), which combines the limits for chemicals in the materials used to make our products, and the substances in chemicals that suppliers are not permitted to use in the manufacture of Primark products and materials. Our Restricted Substances List is aligned with the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List.
We share our RSL with all suppliers and facilities that manufacture Primark products and provide in-country supplier training on our chemical management requirements.

Download the RSL here.

To support suppliers and facilities in effective chemical management and elimination of hazardous  chemicals, we provide them with a Chemical Inventory List that allows them to monitor the use and storage of chemical products in their manufacturing processes.

Download the CIL here.

As part of our commitment to phase out the use of harmful chemicals in our supply chain, we have been working with chemical experts to understand how a number of suppliers in China and Bangladesh are using chemicals in the washing and dyeing process. Through testing waste water, we have created reports detailing current practices and chemical use within dyeing mills and washing units.

Water efficiency is a critical aspect of sustainable and environmentally-conscious manufacturing. The ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines set an aligned expectation on wastewater quality for the entire textile and footwear industry. This standard in wastewater discharge goes beyond regulatory compliance to ensure wastewater discharge does not adversely affect the environment and surrounding communities.

As a member of ZDHC we have adopted the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines and ask our suppliers to use these parameters which go beyond regulatory compliance for wastewater discharge.

A link to the guidelines can be found here.



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