Building & fire safety

Ethical Audit Program

The issue of worker safety has always been a priority for Primark and forms an important part of our factory inspections. In some countries, where awareness of workplace safety (particularly fire safety) is limited, our local teams provide training and awareness programs for factory managers and workers.

In Bangladesh, we work with industry experts, other retailers, and international organizations to drive improvements on structural safety of the factories that supply our product with international safety standards as our benchmark.

Factories Assessed
Accord Retailers
Fire Safety Program
Bangladesh Accord

Structural Survey Program

All factories that supply our products in Bangladesh are included in our structural safety program. Our structural surveys are conducted in compliance with the highest international standards by an expert team of structural and civil engineers. In addition, Primark is a signatory of the "The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh" which is an agreement between almost 200 apparel brands and retailers, international and local trade unions and NGOs working towards sustainable improvements to working conditions in the Bangladesh garment industry. All factories producing for companies that are signatories to the Accord are subject to independant inspections on fire,electrical and structural safety. Read more here.

Made in Bangladesh

This film explores the challenges facing the Bangladesh garment industry, including fire and building safety, and how we work with our suppliers to create change and make improvements

Fire Safety Program

Our fire safety program for suppliers in Bangladesh has been in place since 2010. It includes dedicated fire safety inspections, and training for suppliers and personnel in factories. A fire safety expert from the Bangladesh Fire Service worked with us to provide guidelines, which we have used to roll out our training program that all factories receive before starting work.

To ensure that the safety requirements are communicated effectively, we have worked in collaboration with a local NGO, SHEVA to produce training leaflets for workers.

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