ILO Better Work

In 2010 we joined the Better Work program. This was developed by two leading international organizations, the International Labor Organization  (ILO) which specializes in labor standards and the application of labor laws; and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) which is a member of the World Bank Group, and is focused on private enterprise development.

The program combines factory inspections and training to enable factories to meet international standards.

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26 Factories for Primark
Better Work
20+ members of better work

Better Work Program

The Better Work program operates in several countries including Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. The program includes training of factory management and workers and provides guidance and advice on factory improvements.

Better Work shares the work that it does, including findings from factory inspections, with the retailers that use the factories. The Better Work team also engages with government, trade unions and worker rights organizations in the countries in which it operates.

Better Work in Cambodia

The Better Work program in Cambodia, as told by the people involved in the program, from factory workers to Better Work trainers.

Continued work

Primark will continue to support the growth and development of Betterwork in the countries where we buy our clothing.

Additional information can be found on the ILO Better Work website.

ILO Better Work Map

Better Work locations

This map shows the locations of Better Work factories across the globe.

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