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China worker rights posters

The China worker rights posters were created by workers at factories producing garments for Primark in China. Workers were supported by a local NGO called Timeline, and a graphic designer.

Workers discussed the Code of Conduct in a workshop with the NGO, and selected which issues they felt were most important to them. They then worked with the graphic designer on how these could be turned into images for the posters.

There are four posters, each of them focusing on a different theme, from communication between workers and management, through to prevention of child labor, and health and safety in the factory.

The posters are available to download in Chinese and English.

Download PDF

Bangladesh worker rights posters

Our worker posters for Bangladesh were created by factory workers from three factories, supported by the NGO Sheva, and a local experienced designer. 

Sheva held a workshop with groups of workers to discuss the Code, and to understand how the workers would like to see it visually represented, and which sections they found the most relevant. 

The workers created a series of three posters, covering all aspects of the Code of Conduct. They also created short rhymes for each of the images, as using rhymes can help workers with low levels of literacy memorise the Code. 

The posters are available to download in both English and Bangla. 

Download PDF

South India worker rights posters

In India, we work with a NGO called SAVE to run community-based education program. The program is open to all workers, regardless of whether they work in a factory that makes Primark products.

To create the posters in south India, SAVE selected a number of workers from the program, and held a workshop with them to look at the Code of Conduct.

Workers felt that a good way to help others understand the Code was to create one poster which follows the story of a young woman starting work at a factory, beginning with recruitment through to getting paid her salary.

The poster is available to download in English and Tamil.

Download PDF
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