Worker rights posters

Our Code of Conduct sets out the principles we expect suppliers to comply with to ensure that our products are made in good working conditions, and the people making them are treated decently and paid a fair wage. It is available in thirty-one local languages.

In countries such as Bangladesh, where many people cannot read or write, it can be difficult for workers to understand formal, written Codes of Conduct.  Working with local charities and designers, we asked workers to design posters for our Code of Conduct. The newly designed posters feature cartoon-style pictures that can be easily understood by all workers. 

Our program

We created posters in southern India, China and Bangladesh. Creating posters for each region and country meant that workers were able to highlight the issues most important to them in a way that makes sense in the local culture.

The workers who designed the posters developed a thorough understanding of the Code and their rights. They can now share this knowledge with their co‐workers. The posters have been printed and sent to the factories we work with. We also consulted with workers to get their advice on where to display the posters in the factory for maximum impact.


Continued Work

The feedback from factory managers and workers on the posters created in India, Bangladesh, and China has been very positive. We now plan to extend the program to Northern India.
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