Period Underwear from $7

Eco Friendly – Reusable

Say buh-bye to that impending doom feeling when you realize you’re all out of tampons or pads. Our period underwear is a comfy, convenient solution to help banish leaks for good. Bonus: they’re planet-friendly, too.

The perfect replacement for single-use period products, our period panties are washable, reusable, and look and feel just like your regular undies, so you can tackle your period with confidence. There are three options: the high waist midi, the hipster and the mini brief. Pick what you need for your desired coverage.

Know Your Flow

Mini – Hipster – Midi

Here at Primark we understand the diversity of bodies and period flows. So while our period undies are designed to replace tampons, cups and pads, you can wear them with those products for extra protection depending on your flow. The underwear is available in two options: light to medium flow and medium to heavy flow. Our light to medium option will hold up to three regular tampons worth of liquid, around 18ml, while our medium to heavy option will hold up to four tampons worth of liquid, around 24ml.

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How Period Underwear Works

Our smart period underwear gives you four layers of protection. The first layer quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops odor, so you always feel dry and fresh. The absorbent second layer soaks up fluid and locks it away. The third layer gives you extra waterproof protection to help prevent leaks. And to finish it off, there's a fourth layer of super soft fabric for the ultimate comfort.

Caring For Your Period Underwear

Keeping your period underwear at its best is easy. Rinse with cold water after every wear until the water runs clear, then just chuck in a cold wash (forget the fabric softener: using it could reduce the fabric’s hardworking function). Once done, hang dry and they’ll be ready to reuse in no time.

Caring For Your Period Underwear