Response to SOMO / ICN report

    28 October 2014

    We share the concerns of NGOs over working and employment conditions in the Southern Indian cotton mill industry. Although we don’t source directly from cotton spinning mills, Primark been working with industry and other NGOs to improve conditions in these facilities. More information can be found here.

    Swansea garment labels are a hoax

    27 June 2014

    Nobody should be in any doubt that Primark places the utmost importance on the well being of workers in its supply chain. Primark would not sell clothes unless we are satisfied that they were made in accordance with our Code of Conduct. It is for this reason that we take all allegations of breaches of our Code extremely seriously from any sources. Indeed, we make it easy and accessible for workers in our supply chain to make contact with us confidentially, through a variety of sources, if they have any concerns.

    Statement from Primark on investigation into labels

    25 June 2014

    We are currently conducting detailed investigations regarding labels found in Primark garments, despite growing suspicions in relation to the origin of these labels and the considerable delay since these garments were bought. The labels allege the garments were produced in conditions which are a breach of our Code of Conduct. Primark takes its responsibilities to workers in its supply chain extremely seriously.

    Statement from Primark

    23 June 2014

    We are currently investigating the origins of an additional label which has been found inside one of our dresses implying that the garment was produced under poor working conditions Primark takes these allegations very seriously. No other incidents of this kind relating to this dress have been reported.

    Statement from Primark on the anniversary of Rana Plaza

    23 April 2014

    On April 24th last year, the Rana Plaza building in Savar, near Dhaka, in Bangladesh collapsed. The building contained several factories which manufactured garments for some 28 brands. One of these factories was supplying Primark. Our thoughts remain with the victims of this disaster, and their families.

    Update on Primark's commitment to zero discharge

    18 April 2014

    Primark has a stringent chemical management policy in place which complies fully with, and goes beyond, EU legislation. This policy is supported by a programme of due diligence and scrutiny to ensure our products comply at all times with these legal requirements and are safe for our customers to use and wear.