Primark registers more than 3,000 workers for Rana Plaza short-term aid support

Primark is pleased to have registered 801 workers and relatives of the deceased for short-term financial support in the third and final event organised with IndustriALL. This brings the number of workers from Rana Plaza registered for short-term support to 3333 workers. Primark has also visited the injured workers who remain in hospital to ensure that they are provided with this aid. This registration process is needed to enable the secure payment of short-term financial aid, the equivalent of 3 months wages, to all the Rana Plaza employees. The vast majority of these employees made clothes for retail brands other than Primark.

This short term assistance recognises that the process to establish long-term compensation will take time, in order to ensure the payments are made to the appropriate beneficiaries, and that individuals considered to be vulnerable are supported appropriately. Payments to families registered for this short-term scheme at the first two events have already been made via the bKash bank (a BRAC bank company). To date Primark will have committed some US $1 million to its food distribution programme, and short-term financial support.

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